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Coaching is not teaching. So here is where I can scratch my itch to teach my knowledge to those who are looking to up their skills in a specific topic.

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Database Makeover

Let's take the people you know and who know you - your database - and do a cleanup and get them to give you business now. This is not just education, it is a workshop. You will have to do things as we go through this course. Most people going through this course will find a closing within a week of doing the activities.

Financial Makeover

Not all people like budgets and numbers. This course is geared towards those who struggle and will teach you to run your finances in a way your future self and account will thank you. We will get your business bank account set up, figure out your flow of money, work out a P&L, balance sheet, ROI, and more.

Business Makeover

Let's get you cleaned up... You need to start running your business like a business. You need a business entity, bank account, number tracking, and goals. I will walk you set by step on how to do each of these and give you tools to make it easy.

Free Courses

Crush Your Next Event

Don't just throw a client event, crush it. You should be getting referrals, reviews, and filling in gaps in your database. In this course we will go over a marketing plan to make sure you get clients to show up and then get business out of the event.

5 Newsletter Hacks

If you send newsletters or wish you were consistent on sending out an email newsletter I have 5 hacks for how to make it easier on you! We will discuss how to hack content, layout, and set everything up so it takes less time and gets better results!

17 Ways to Jumpstart Business

Wether you are new or just need a quick win. This course is 17 ideas for you to jumpstart your real estate business and to make income fast.

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